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Private Label Services Designed to Boost Sales, Loyalty and Displace Cash

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2D Enabled

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Omega Payments is a  Strategic Partner, with rights to roll-out Kineto’s private cloud-based mobile money and
payments platform throughout North America and Canada.

Accessible and quick to market, with no costly hardware installations required, Omega Payments, in partnership with Kineto’s technology
solution, brings traditional banking services to the most bank-challenged industries and individuals, compliantly!

Through Kineto’s secure and robust platform, and with extensive experience and operational industry knowledge, Omega Payments can tailor-make an e-commerce / m-commerce payments solution to expertly assist any enterprise in accelerating their business model in the marketplace.

Offering Omega Payments clients the greatest advantage in today’s fraud prolific times, is the 2D mobile payment mechanism, which is automatically integrated with the Kineto platform and available to all Omega Payments community members. This unique and patented payment mechanism, Pay by 2D, will ensure the quickest and safest payment protocol in the history of financial services.

Omega Payments offers affordable electronic and mobile community banking through a value-chain of inclusive partnerships, which is linked to a bouquet of multi-channel device possibilities, including: Mobile (USSD, Feature Phones, Android/ IOS/ Microsoft Smartphones, XHTML), POS (EFT Machines), Kiosks (touchscreen), Till integrations for the retail industry, as well as the Internet.

This world-class and innovative technology platform, which has already been implemented in many emerging markets through-out Africa and the world, over the past 15 years, is available to all Omega Payments community members, as a white-label solution.

Omega Payments is committed to supporting, consulting and guiding its clients with the implementation of their business model on the kineto platform, where integration will most certainly ensure their customers benefit from the convenience of anytime, anywhere shopping and banking, through multiple mobile channels.


Omega Payments will operationally provision a feature-rich, multi-faceted and secure private cloud-based platform which will empower silos of business communities with access to a comprehensive range of both financial and vending products and services.


The platform is available as a white-label solution, your business will achieve own-brand exposure and, thanks to a secure private cloud-based model, the ‘Standard Offering’ can be up and running within a few working days.


A multi-faceted approach means that your business is exposed to cutting-edge payment technologies. For example, all our Value Stores are 2D-enabled, 2D is a patented payment protocol which is secure, fast and simple and does not require the use of a card or divulgence of personal information. Additionally, the Kineto function- and feature-rich platform will allow end-users to perform emerging banking and/or agent banking activities.

Cutting Edge

Our on-going research and development ensures that, as our partner, you remain relevant and are placed at the forefront of the digital payments space

Our multi-channel, state-of-the art platform is accessible from a variety of devices and technologies, including: Mobile (USSD, Feature Phones, Android/IOS/Microsoft Smartphones, XHTML), Web, POS, Managed Kiosks, Self-help Kiosks, ATMs and APIs; making it exceptionally versatile and highly accessible, even from the most remote locations. This accessibility makes our platform ideally situated to meet the needs of emerging markets. Consider complimenting your business model with additional revenue streams, accessing markets that are unbanked and/or inactively banked, and extending your reach into new mobile channels that are fast becoming the preferred and more convenient way to transact.

Join the Omega Payments  community and benefit from a number of well-developed technology solutions and applications that will give your business a definite competitive advantage. All aspects of the Kineto platform meets the highest standards of security integrity and stability.


Omega Payments is seeking new members to join its membership networks and to be part of a revolutionary approach in the mobile banking and digital payments space within U.S. and Canada.

Omega Payments has already opened up new audiences for our existing community members who are using Kineto’s innovative payment platform.


As the Omega Payments  footprint continues to increase, your organisation can also benefit from Kineto’s quick and cost effective platform offering, which is easily customisable and adaptable to suit your unique business requirements.

Omega Payments is seeking new members to join its community and to be a part of a revolutionary approach in the mobile banking and digital payments space. Access markets that are unbanked and/or inactively banked, and extend your reach into new mobile payment channels that are fast becoming the preferred and more convenient way to transact.

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